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Dealing with fraud when negotiating business agreements

Contracts are important documents for most Tennessee businesses. Through contracts, a business can hire new employees, retain the services of vendors, buy supplies and inventory, and acquire new capital to grow. The strength of a contract often resides in the planning that took place before it was executed, because problems in contracts can lead to disputes and litigation later on between the parties.

What is the difference between a foreclosure and a short sale?

Taking on a mortgage is a big commitment in the life of a Tennessee resident. Unlike paying rent, a person who secures a mortgage for the purchase of a home is often committed into a long-term, sometimes multiple decades-long contract to pay off their loan. When circumstances arise and the person cannot make their mortgage payments they may face challenges from their mortgage holder and threats of foreclosure on their loan.

What assets avoid probate?

After a person dies, their estate goes into probate. That means the court will make sure that a will is valid or, if there is no will, someone is appointed executor of the estate to pay bills, taxes and distribute the state’s assets.

Take proactive steps to avoid an estate administration nightmare

Contests over wills and other estate planning documents can tie estates up for years and can cause irreparable rifts between members of a decedent's family. Although it may be impossible to satisfy every possible beneficiaries' wishes in the creation of a personal estate plan, Tennessee residents can take certain steps to minimize the chances of having their testamentary documents contested after their deaths.

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