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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt once said this now-famous quote to assure the American people that even in the face of the Great Depression, they must take the courageous step of never giving up hope. The tenacity of the human spirit allows it to endure the most difficult of circumstances, so long as it does not give in to crippling fear and doubt. The choice to not worry about the future is easier said than done, however, especially if you have no outlined plan in place. Should you ever be incapacitated due to a tragic accident, you do not want to suddenly hurl you and your family into a pit of fear.

This is why it is so crucial to establish a power of attorney before anything terrible should ever happen. While we may hope for the best here at Murfree & Goodman, PLLC, preparing for the worst is always the safest and kindest option, especially when caring for the future of our loved ones. In case you suddenly lose the ability to speak or act on your own behalf, the power of attorney option allows a trusted agent, legalized by our power attorney lawyers in Murfreesboro, to carry out your exact wishes.

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    Delineating Specific Powers to

    Your Agent

    Before a power of attorney has actually been received, you must clarify exactly what motions or actions you are transferring to your agent, or they will not be able to enact these powers when the occasion arises.

    Prior to granting power of attorney, determine whether you want your agent to be able to handle specific tasks. Some of these abilities include:

    • Designating, enacting, and managing any of the principal’s original legal and financial tasks
    • Changing allotments or motions for the principal’s other beneficiaries
    • Authorizing any of a living trust’s revisions, or alternatively, pausing or even discontinuing a living trust
    • Creating, extending, changing, or diminishing survivorship rights
    • Renouncing the rights and entitlements of a beneficiary in a retirement plan due to changed circumstances

    Support You Can Count On

    When you are choosing an agent to act as your power of attorney, you will be granting them a portion of sovereignty. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial to make sure you identify a person whom you absolutely trust to safeguard your affairs as well as your property. Whether you choose a close family member or even a reliable friend to your agent, make sure that this person has a dependable character.

    Similarly, you’ll need a legal team whom you can rely on to ensure all of your estate management is designated precisely as you planned, a service that Murfree & Goodman, PLLC, stands ready to give you.

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