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The Legal Guidance You Need after a Loved One’s Passing

When a loved one passes away, the settling of his or her estate can bring unwanted stress and family conflict. If you have been entrusted with the responsibility of handling an estate, having highly experienced legal representation can make your job much easier.

At Murfree & Goodman, PLLC, our lawyers have worked with Tennessee families in administering and probating estates for four decades. This extensive experience has given us a wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom to benefit your family. Our method is to work closely with our clients to resolve every aspect of every estate as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible.

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Our Estate Administration Services

As a family business founded by attorney Matt B. Murfree III, who began practicing in the area of estate planning in Murfreesboro in 1969, and managed by Matthias Brickell Murfree IV, the firm provides stability and continuity in estate planning and estate administration over multiple generations. We are known for outstanding client service and complete guidance in estate matters of every kind.

Our Comprehensive Estate Administration and Probate Practice Include:

  • Consultation and advice regarding estate documents, which can be complicated

  • Identification of assets and debts and distribution of property
  • Claims and loan issues, with which we have extensive experience from both an estate’s perspective and a creditor’s perspective
  • Opposing the claims of creditors, we have been successful in having countless claims against clients’ estates denied by the probate court thus saving our clients thousands of dollars
  • Conservatorship matters, which presents challenges for families facing the loss of competency of a loved one. Our firm has represented clients dealing with a variety of mental health issues, as well as advanced dementia and many other disabilities. We have expertise in forming flexible conservatorship and property management plans using a variety of resources such as court-created trusts.
  • Real estate holdings and investments, areas in which we have extensive experience
  • Negotiation and resolution of family disputes, which our attorneys have successfully handled in hundreds of cases
  • Probate contests
  • Executor of estate representation through various financial disputes or heirship challenges
  • Serving as administrator of estate, our attorneys have personally served as the administrator of estates when there is no suitable family member able or willing to serve.

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Our Family of Attorneys Are Ready to Help Your Family

Our estate administration lawyers in Murfreesboro will handle the heavy lifting for you and your family, managing the most challenging areas of the administration of your loved one’s estate. Allow our family to work with your family in accomplishing your goals.

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    Our lawyers have represented a broad range of clients, including local families, Tennessee businesses, regional and national real estate developers, and large corporations with a global reach.

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    We have extensive experience representing clients with Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate and Business Law matters. Make us your first call. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to someone who can!

  • Established History in Our Community

    We have served clients in Tennessee and beyond for over 50 years and have deep rooted history in the community of Murfreesboro. We continue to promote and sponsor our beloved hometown continuously.

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    We're a family-based firm that understands the importance of tackling every case with personalized and strategic solutions.

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