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Representing Heirs And Estates When Disputes Arise

While probate was designed to bring an orderly process to a complex, emotional time, it is not uncommon for heated disputes to arise. If a disagreement arises during the probate process or at any point of estate administration, we encourage you to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

At Murfree & Goodman, PLLC, our lawyers have extensive experience guiding our clients through the full range of legal matters during the probate process. In Murfreesboro and communities throughout Tennessee, we stand ready to provide representation to individuals asserting legal claims to an estate.

There are numerous situations that can ultimately result in probate litigation, including:

  • Will contests: Perhaps the most common type of litigation arises when there are challenges to the will itself. Whether it is argued that the deceased lacked the required capacity to make the will, undue influence was exerted upon the deceased during the making of the will, it is claimed that the will is forged or it is claimed that the will is simply invalid these disputes often need to be settled in court.
  • Recovery of estate property: Often stemming from disappointment or a disagreement with the will itself, it is not uncommon for heirs to argue that the deceased gave away property that should have belonged to someone else. These claims can center on the receiver committing fraud, the receiver exercising undue influence or the deceased’s actual intent in giving away the property.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: An administrator or executor has a strict financial duty to the estate and the heirs. It is not uncommon for heirs to claim that the administrator is not acting in the best financial interests of the estate. Likewise, an administrator might need a skilled attorney to defend his or her actions. At Murfree & Goodman, PLLC, we have experience representing both heirs and executors in probate litigation.

We represent people in civil, simple and complex litigation centered on dividing up family businesses and resolving family disputes. We represent heirs and estates when disputes arise, and encourage individuals to schedule a consultation at the earliest indication of trouble. Call or email to put our wisdom to work for you.