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Buying And Selling Residential And Commercial Real Estate

For many people, purchasing property represents the largest financial transaction they will face in their lives. Without an experienced legal professional guiding the proceeding, certain factors could throw the transaction into disarray. With a knowledgeable real estate closing lawyer on your side, you can avoid pitfalls that might otherwise halt your transaction.

From Murfreesboro, our firm is prepared to represent clients in both large and small residential and commercial closings. We represent buyers and sellers and have experience in both small closings and multimillion-dollar transactions. Put our wisdom to work for you. Schedule a consultation with an attorney at Murfree & Goodman, PLLC.

As a title agency for Chicago Title, we are trusted with both large and small matters and have a reputation of quality work. Our team of dedicated professionals includes a real estate coordinator who is devoted to real estate closings full time. It is our goal to ensure the real estate process runs smoothly from start to finish.

What Are Restrictions?

Based on where the property is located, there might be certain restrictions that can impact what a buyer can ultimately do. Many factors can influence restrictions — city ordinances, environmental concerns, and private covenants, conditions, and restrictions placed on the use of the property. Additionally, there might be language built into the purchase agreement that the buyer is not aware of. For example, there might be a restriction on a commercial property that limits the height of signs that can be placed on the premises. It is important for a buyer to know whether a restriction would inhibit the buyer’s anticipated use of the property. With our experience and understanding of real estate law, we can uncover restrictions, and educate our clients about the impact these restrictions may have. In some cases, we can even work to get these restrictions altered or removed to suit the client.

Discuss Your Matter With A Property Title Lawyer

Throughout Tennessee, if you are concerned about title insurance or real estate closing costs, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our firm. By calling or emailing us, you can discuss your specific situation and receive clear legal guidance.