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Can The Probate Process Be Avoided?

In some states, probate refers to portions of the estate administration process that center on disputes and is a process that many people desire to avoid. In Tennessee, however, probate is a court-supervised process that provides many advantages to the family of the deceased, which is required in a significant number of situations. Let our attorneys guide you and your family through this process with legal experience and personal compassion.

When you have questions regarding your estate or you need advice about how to help your surviving heirs avoid legal battles after your passing, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our firm. Murfree & Goodman, PLLC, maintain offices in Murfreesboro and our attorneys are prepared to help clients statewide.

What Assets Should Be Protected?

Some assets will pass on to your family or other designated beneficiary without having to go through the probate process. Other assets will be passed in accordance with the probate court’s instruction (and your will). Allow our attorneys to work with you and your family to identify these different types of property and coordinate the smooth transition of property after the passing of a loved one.

Through the probate process the executor — also commonly referred to as an administrator or personal representative — will be called upon to provide stability and financial decisions. Collecting the deceased’s money and opening a checking account for the estate, for example, might be one responsibility. This checking account can be used to pay off debts or taxes still owed by the estate.

In Tennessee, the probate process typically lasts between six months and a year. It is wise to have identified an experienced probate lawyer who can answer your questions, provide guidance or legal representation if it becomes necessary.

If you need to probate a will or administer an estate, do not hesitate to contact Murfree & Goodman, PLLC. Our estate planning attorneys stand ready to help. Call or email to put our wisdom to work for you.