Why You Need Legal Representation for a Real Estate Transaction

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The process of buying or selling a house in Tennessee is an exciting time, but it can also be one fraught with complications and unexpected pitfalls. Most people see the benefit of securing the assistance of an agent when walking through this process, but it can also be beneficial to have an attorney represent your interests as well, particularly in the closing.

real estate closing is just the final step in your journey to selling your property or completing a purchase. From the beginning to the very last piece of paperwork that you may have to sign, you could benefit from having an attorney advocating for your interests throughout every step of the process.

Help for the closing and more

The closing itself may seem like a rather simple event, but it can be quite a bit of work to actually get to that point. The purchase or sale of a home or other type of property is a major financial and legal transaction, and it is beneficial not to walk through this process alone and simply hope for the best, but to be proactive in the protection of your rights. Some of the many benefits to having an attorney by your side from start to finish include:

  • Complete and thorough review of any contract
  • Guidance in case of a violation of the contract
  • Help in ensuring that the transaction moves through to completion
  • Help in case one party backs out

When certain factors are present, even a seemingly straightforward transaction can go wrong, costing you time, money and your peace of mind. A real estate attorney can provide advocacy and knowledgeable guidance in any of the following scenarios:

  • Seller-financed transactions
  • For-sale-by-owner sales
  • Commercial transactions

You have the right to work with a legal professional whose entire role is to protect your interests and ensure that you do not come upon any undue financial or legal harm.

Before you sign on the bottom line

You would be wise to ensure that you understand everything and that all contracts receive a careful review before you fully commit to purchasing or selling a piece of property. There is much at stake here, but with the help of an attorney, you can rest easy knowing that someone is working diligently to protect your financial and legal interests.

Whether you have questions about potential restrictions on a piece of property you wish to buy or you have new concerns after signing a contract, you will find great benefit in securing the appropriate guidance as early as possible in the real estate transaction process.

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