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One of the most common reasons that individuals create their personal estate plans is to take the guesswork out of how they want their assets and property distributed upon their deaths. Wills, trusts and other important testamentary tools may be executed to explain Tennessee residents' preferences for how they want their wealth given out and who they want in charge of the administration of their estates. However, even a good estate plan can be questioned by heirs and beneficiaries, and when that happens a decedent's estate may be subject to challenges while in probate.

Options for keeping assets out of probate

If a Tennessee resident dies without having any estate planning tools in place, some or all of their assets may pass into the probate courts of the state. During the probate process, the assets of the decedent are located, debts are paid and distribution is made based on certain laws and procedural requirements. Though probate is intended to allow for the orderly distribution of assets to heirs after a death, it can be time consuming, costly and can dwindle the wealth of an estate.

What happens if you die without a will in Tennessee?

Many Americans do not have a will in place to dictate where their assets would go or who would handle their affairs once they pass away. If you pass away and do not leave behind a will, the legal term for this is called dying “intestate.” In Tennessee, there are laws to designate how a person’s property is distributed if there is no will at the time of their death. These laws provide direction to the probate court who will handle the distribution of property to heirs and beneficiaries. 

Information needed in a petition to start probate

It is never easy to lose a loved one in Tennessee and there is a grieving process that the family will go through no matter what the circumstances were. However, when people die there are also legal matters that need to be addressed to deal with the deceased's estate. As people are aware people cannot bring their possessions with them when they die. Therefore, the courts need to ensure that these possessions are given to the proper people.

Getting help with estate administration

Finding yourself in charge of administering an estate can be a jarring experience. The responsibility is an emotionally weighty one while also involving extensive complicated paperwork. The role also carries with it a significant number of legal requirements, some of them coming with serious penalties for non-compliance. 

What if there was no will?

The sudden loss of your loved one is heartbreaking. The last thing you and your family want to think about is taking care of the practical details of the estate. You are likely stressed if you have been given this responsibility.

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